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Welcome to my whimsical wold

Illustration and design inspired by nature


Welcome to my playful world of illustration and design. I am a print and pattern designer, with a deep love and fascination for nature. I have lived and freelanced out of New York City as a new designer until I recently relocated to tiny happy Denmark. My life path continuously brings me closer to nature and spirituality, which I use to create depth and life in my art. I love color and motif development and thrive in a creative environment. While natural motifs continue to dominate my portfolio, I am also expanding to other conversational and everyday areas of design for the interior and greetings markets.

Fun facts about me: My days always include a hot cup of coffee in the morning, learning something new from books or youtube videos, 30 minutes meditation and a walk outside. I also have a 17 year old cat who is always grumpy, but I love him anyway.

I welcome you to my page. I am always open to new projects and collaborations. Feel free to reach out or message me for a more extensive portfolio. Have a lovely day!

Free coloring pages for your corona quarantine

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Olivia Linn is a freelance illustrator and a designer from Denmark. She has a BFA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design and has lived in the U.S. almost one third of her life. While freelancing out of New York City, she…

About the illustrator and designer
The butterfly movement

The Butterfly Project

Butterflies are beautiful creatures and they are becoming more and more endangered because we are destroying their natural habitats. In the last 5 years more than 17 butterfly species went extinct alone. We live in a time where sustainability is the main topic. On a daily basis we are told about the importance of eating less meat, taking shorter showers, taking the train…



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