Illustration, Print and Pattern

Welcome to my playful world of illustration and Design. I am a print and pattern designer, with a deep rooted love for nature. I have lived and freelanced out of New York City as a new designer until I recently relocated to my home country Denmark. My life path continuously brings me closer to nature and spirituality, which I use to create depth and life in my art. I love color and motif development and thrive in a creative environment. While natural motifs continue to dominate my portfolio, I am also expanding to other conversational and everyday object areas of design for the interior and greetings markets.

Fun facts about me: My days always include a hot cup of coffee in the morning, learning something new from books or youtube videos, 30 min meditation and an inspiration walk outside. I have a 17 year old cat who is always grumpy, but I love him anyway.

I welcome you to my page. I am always open to new projects and collaborations. Feel free to reach out or message me for a more extensive portfolio. Have a lovely day!

Kind regards, Olivia



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