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Illustration by Olivia Linn

About the illustrator

Olivia Linn is a freelance illustrator and designer from Denmark. She has a BFA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design and has lived almost one third of her life in the United States. Whilst living in New York City, Olivia worked as a freelancer for a range of reputable advertising, publishing and greetings companies, producing work for a vast variety of applications on a daily basis.
Growing up in Denmark, Olivia spent much time in the forests, observing plants and wildlife. “I find nature to be the purest and most beautiful form of life”. Her art reflects these important and personal experiences, frequently referencing natural motifs and Danish folklore. Olivia’s extensive travel and exposure to many different cultures has also heavily influenced her work. 
Her goals are to continue to grow as an artist and to develop her illustrative style and skill set. “I love the diversity of working in different markets and with people from all over the world. I certainly see myself continuing my career internationally”. Olivia has recently relocated to her home country, Denmark, and feels inspired by the change of scenery.
For quotes, inquiries or collaborations you can send an email to or use the contact form below. I will always get back to you within three business days.